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Mineral Deposit Identification
Deposit Name(s) Elliott's Mine - 1863, J.j. Elliott - 1863, Elliot Deposit - 1980
Related Deposit Type None
Deposit Status prospect
Date Created 1986-May-28
Date Last Modified 2013-May-06
Created By Q Unknown
Revised By A Wilson


Primary Commodities: apatite (gemstones), mineral specimen

Secondary Commodities: molybdenum, fluorite


Township or Area: Ross

Latitude: 45° 41' 1.75"    Longitude: -76° 46' 55.21"

UTM Zone: 18    Easting: 361232   Northing: 5060463    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Southeastern Ontario

NTS Grid: 31F10NW

Point Location Description: approximate location of pit

Location Method: data compilation

Source Map: map on p.60 in Paper 70-50

Sources Map Scale: 1:25 000

Access Description: 0.75 km north of Forrester Falls.

Exploration and Mining History

Circa 1863: several pits were sunk by persons unknown and one ton of apatite crystals was mined.


Province: Grenville

Subprovince: Central Metasedimentary Belt

Mineral Deposit Lithology

Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
marble 1 host
gneiss 2 adjacent
mafic intrusive 3 pyroxenite adjacent

Lithology Comments

04/02/2013 (A Wilson) - Several pits have been opened in a marble unit. The marble contains abundant crystals. The limestone is described as being conformable with adjacent gneissic units, which are in turn cross cut by pegmatitic dikes. Small veins of massive apatite reportedly cross cut the gneiss.


Deposit Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Habit Description
1 apatite economic ore
2 molybdenite economic ore
3 hornblende economic ore
4 fluorite economic ore
5 pyroxene economic ore
6 pyrite economic ore
7 scapolite economic ore
8 spinel economic ore
9 titanite economic ore

Mineralization Comments

04/02/2013 (A Wilson) - An assortment of minerals has been observed in this location. The minerals include apatite, scapolite and titanite crystals. Large masses of pyroxene are present and are often studded with titanite crystal. Black hornblende crystals are numerous. Purple fluorspar and black spinel also have been reported from this site. Approximately 1 ton of apatite crystals were collected from this site in 1883. The apatite crystals were used as a source of phosphate. None of the other minerals were considered to be of economic significance.

Mineral Deposit Details

Deposit Classification
Rank Classification            
1 vein
Deposit Characteristics
Rank Characteristic            
1 vein


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