Assessment Files of Ontario

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Assessment File: 2.56812

Assessment Work Information
AFRO Number 2.56812
Work Report Number W1680.00903
Resident Geologist District Kirkland Lake
Township or Area Teck
Company Canadian Malartic Corporation
Property Rand Property
Type of Work Induced Polarization survey
Year 2016
RGO file number KL-7076
Documents, Reports or Maps
CMC_Rand_IP_Final_Report.pdf (725.91 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_GRID.pdf (508 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10000E.pdf (121.67 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10100E.pdf (124.52 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10200E.pdf (151.18 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10300E.pdf (127.45 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10400E.pdf (133.56 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10500E.pdf (99.84 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10600E.pdf (130.98 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10700E.pdf (113.49 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10800E.pdf (122.62 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_10900E.pdf (159.34 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_9500E.pdf (165.9 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_9600E.pdf (206.29 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_9700E.pdf (158.98 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_9800E.pdf (157.56 KB)
Q2124_CMC_RAND_IP_DPDP_9900E.pdf (194.01 KB)
Q2124_CMC_Rand_IP_DpDp_Filter_Chr.pdf (189.64 KB)
Q2124_CMC_Rand_IP_DpDp_Filter_Res.pdf (164.27 KB)
Q2124_CMC_Rand_IP_DpDp_Interp.pdf (107.39 KB)
Q2124_CMC_Rand_IP_DpDp_N2_Chr.pdf (190.86 KB)
Q2124_CMC_Rand_IP_DpDp_N2_Res.pdf (171.18 KB)

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