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Mineral Deposit Identification
Deposit Name(s) Ackerman - 1988, Campbell-blomfield - 1988
Related Deposit Type None
Deposit Status developed prospect with reserves
Abandoned Mine Inventory Reference 04232
Date Created 1988-Feb-15
Date Last Modified 2020-Nov-30
Created By Q Unknown
Revised By S Hinz


Primary Commodities: gold


Township or Area: Marmora

Latitude: 44° 29' 58.82"    Longitude: -77° 36' 47.62"

UTM Zone: 18    Easting: 292252   Northing: 4930695    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Southeastern Ontario

NTS Grid: 31C05NE, 31C12SE

Point Location Description: Tip of arrow from property symbol 22 just south of Hwy 7 and southeast of the village of Deloro.

Location Method: conversion from mdi


Sources Map Scale: 1:12 000

Access Description: Travel 3.2 km east from Marmora on Highway #7. Turn sought and go about 30 m on sideroad which meets old # 7. Turn right and head west on old #7 about 60 m to a single lane road goint to your left - south. Follow this road about 100 m, keeping to the right fork which leads to the workings.

Exploration and Mining History

Pre-1932: Operators unknown completed early development consisted of a shaft about 70 feet deep. Several hundred tons of ore were removed, mill recovery was reported to be 0.24 to 0.44 oz/ton Au. 1932: Operators unknown completed surface sampling and trenching outlined a mineralized zone in a 1500-foot vein system on the property. 1937: Ackerman Gold Mines Ltd. erected several mine buildings and mine equipment was installed. A 2-compartment shaft was opened along a 45 degree W incline to a depth of 170 feet. At 170 feet, 12' of crosscutting and 40' of drifting were completed. 1938: the shaft was deepened to 270' and 600' of drifting was completed at the 170' level. 1942 - Consolidated Mining and Smelting drilled 6 diamond drill holes on the property. 1950-1951: Ackerman Gold Mines Ltd. evaluated the property. An additional 3200' of drilling was completed, however the results were not submitted for assessment. 1981, 1983 and 1984: R.L.V. Ekstrom carried out various electromagnetic and geological surveys. One diamond drill hole of 122' was drilled. 1985: Belmar Resources carried out geological, magnetic, VLF-EM, and self potential surveys on this property. 6 DDH were drilled for a total of 1,237'. Two of the holes were drilled on the number 1 shaft while the other 4 were in the vicinity of shaft #2. 1988: Champion Gold Resources carried out geological and I.P. surveys and drilled 4 DD holes totalling 1,588' in 1989.


Province: Grenville

Subprovince: Central Metasedimentary Belt

Mineral Deposit Lithology

Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
intermediate intrusive 1 syenite adjacent
vein 2 contains

Lithology Comments

11/30/2020 (S Hinz) - The property is underlain by late Precambrian intrusive rocks and sediments of the Grenville structural province. The deposit occurs in a quartz vein within the intrusive (mapped as syenite by Ekstrom). The vein is mineralized with arsenopyrite, pyrite and gold. The north-west trenching quartz dips 30 degrees SW and widths to 6 feet.


Deposit Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Habit Description
1 arsenopyrite economic ore
2 calcite economic ore
3 fluorite economic ore
4 gold economic ore
5 magnetite economic ore
6 pyrite economic ore

Mineralization Comments

11/30/2020 (S Hinz) - The mineralized zone at the Ackerman prospect occurs within a quartz-ankerite vein system approximately 1500 feet long. Vein mineralization consists of disseminated euhedral grains and massive veinlets of fine-to-medium-grained arsenopyrite. Disseminated pyrite is locally abundant.

Site Visit Information

Date: 2001-Jan-11

Geologist : C Papertzian

Notes: The property was visited on August 15, 2000. The area around the # 1 shaft that had been backfilled had slumped by approximately 2 to 3 feet. The number one shaft is located by a blue bar with the number 86 on the top of it.

Date: 2005-Jan-21

Geologist : C Papertzian

Notes: he property was visited on May 11th, 2004. The area around the # 1 shaft that had been backfilled (15 feet by 10 feet) had slumped by approximately 6 to 10 feet. The number one shaft is located by a blue bar with the number 86 on the top of it. Another shaft located in the swamp just east of the Moira River and just south of highway # 7 was approximately 15 feet deep and 10 foot square. There appeared to be clay in the bottom of it and wood protruded from the sides of the shaft for approximately 6 feet. Marker number MS90 denotes a pit/shaft that is 15 feet square and exibits subsidence to 6 feet. Marker number MS91 denotes 3 arsenic dumps approximately 20 feet by 30 feet each. The fence is down on one of these sites located nearest the Moira River while the fences still remain intact at the other two sites.


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