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Mineral Deposit Identification
Deposit Name(s) T. Cudney - 1956, Cudney Occurrence - 1986
Related Deposit Type None
Deposit Status occurrence
Date Created 1985-May-30
Date Last Modified 2017-Jan-27
Created By Q Unknown
Revised By A Wilson


Primary Commodities: uranium, thorium


Township or Area: Monmouth, Monmouth

Latitude: 45° 1' 49.86"    Longitude: -78° 14' 21.58"

UTM Zone: 17    Easting: 717468   Northing: 4990049    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Southeastern Ontario

NTS Grid: 31E01SE

Point Location Description: General

Location Method: data compilation

Source Map: M2174

Sources Map Scale: 1:31 680

Access Description: Access to the occurrence is by a secondary road leading west from the town of Wilberforce, 1.11 km away on Highway 648.

Exploration and Mining History

1955: T. Cudney – stripping, prospecting


Province: Grenville

Terrane: Bancroft Terrain

Mineral Deposit Lithology

Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
metasomatic alteration/replacement 2 skarn host
intermediate intrusive 2 pyroxene-syenite pegmatite contains

Lithology Comments



Deposit Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Habit Description
1 uraninite economic ore
2 uranothorite economic ore
3 zircon economic ore
4 kasolite economic ore
5 albite economic ore
6 coffinite economic ore
7 calcite economic ore
8 goethite economic ore
9 pyroxene economic ore
10 scapolite economic ore
11 thorogummite economic ore
12 titanite economic ore
5 pyrite economic gangue

Mineralization Comments

11/30/2016 (A Wilson) - Geiger readings on the bulldozed strippings were 1x-3x with spot-highs to 12x, and rarely, to 20x. The average is probably about 3x. At the 20x location a pale green diopside rock contains a few minute black grains of what is possibly uraninite-thorianite. On lot 30, concession 16,a syenite pegmatite outcrop has been further exposed by a bulldozed stripping. Geiger readings were 2x except on a fracture in the pyroxene syenite pegmatite giving a count greater than l00x. In this fracture a rusty filling, possibly 1 inch wide, consists of abundant zircon crystals, orange grains of uranothorite, yellow-to-orange kasolite, and pyrite. Four additional bulldozed strippings on this lot expose disintegrated marble with mica-rich bands and silicated marbles. Geiger readings were lx-3x, with spot-highs of 6x and oneof 30x on mica-rich areas. Turbid pink zircon (cyrtolite) crystals up to 5 mm long occur with black coffinite and orange uranothorite in pegmatite. Pink peristerite is a constituent of the pegmatite which contains green pyroxene, black amphibole, titanite, pyrrhotite and goethite. Yellow kasolite has been reported from the deposit.


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Map - Monmouth

Publication Number: M2174     Scale: 1:31 680    Date: 1970

Publisher Name: ODM

Reference Location: Southeastern Ontario

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