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Mineral Deposit Identification
Deposit Name(s) Fission - 1982, Richardson - 2000, Baycroft - 2000
Related Deposit Type None
Deposit Status prospect
Abandoned Mine Inventory Reference
Date Created 1982-Aug-24
Date Last Modified 2010-May-27
Created By Q Unknown
Revised By C Papertzian


Primary Commodities: fluorite, thorium, uranium


Township or Area: Cardiff

Latitude: 45° 3' 18.22"    Longitude: -78° 11' 30.15"

UTM Zone: 17    Easting: 721124   Northing: 4992904    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Southeastern Ontario

NTS Grid: 31E01SE

Point Location Description: Adit symbol just E of property symbol ' 19 ', NW corner of Cardiff Township.

Location Method: conversion from mdi

Source Map: OGS 1957, MAP 1957-1 CARDIFF AND FARADAY TP

Sources Map Scale: 1:25 000

Access Description: From the junction of Hwys 121 and 648 drive 21.28 Km on Hwy 648 to the Old Mumford Road. Turn left and drive 1.28 Km to a sideroad onthe left. Park here (unless 4 x 4 ). The mine is at the end of the road ( 1200 m ). Beware of pits and shafts.

Exploration and Mining History

Originally discovered by W.M. Richardson in 1922. A pit was worked where large uraninite crystals were extracted. 1923: Charles Baycroft opened a 9-m trench near the Richardson pit. 1929 to 1931, subsequent exploration was carried out from a shaft and a number of pits and trenches. 1931-1932: International Radium and Resources Limited built a mill and made test runs in 1933. 1946-1948 & 1955: Fission Mines, Limited performed further surface exploration.


Province: Grenville

Geology Comments

01/18/2000 (C Papertzian) - Mineral location.

Mineral Deposit Lithology

Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
intermediate intrusive 1 syenite pgmt contains
felsic intrusive 2 pegmatite contains


Deposit Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Habit Description
5 allanite economic ore n/a
10 betafite economic ore n/a
15 euxenite economic ore n/a
20 fluorite economic ore n/a
25 melanocerite economic ore n/a
30 pyrochlore economic ore n/a
35 pyrrhotite economic ore n/a
40 thorite economic ore n/a
45 uraninite economic ore n/a
50 uranophane economic ore n/a
55 uranothorite economic ore n/a
60 zircon economic ore n/a

Site Visit Information

Date: 2010-May-27

Geologist : D Laidlaw

Notes: May 11, 2010: Site visit with Abandonned Mines Coordinator to inspect rehabilitated site. Large crystals of purple fluorite found in waste rock and in outcrop along side of hill. Fine-grained fluorite also occurs in wavy bands with calcite as seen in a large boulder located along the side of the hill near the trail. GPS coordinates taken: NAD 83 17T 721131m E, 4993008m N.

Production Data
Year Tonnes Commodities Commodity Production Reference Comment
1982 0 Mdi POSSIBLE


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