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Mineral Record Identification
Record Name(s) Barnes-Steep Rock - 2000, Angelstone - 2000, Tatlock Quarry - 2000, Barnes (Angelstone) Quarry - 2000, Steep Rock Resources - 2000
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Record Status Producing Mine
Date Created 1985-Sep-20
Date Last Modified 2022-Jun-17
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Primary Commodities: Marble (Building Stone), Marble (Structural Material), Calcite


Township or Area: Darling

Latitude: 45° 8' 58.88"    Longitude: -76° 29' 55.52"

UTM Zone: 18    Easting: 382183.221   Northing: 5000671.859    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Southern Ontario

NTS Grid: 31F01NW

Point Location Description: Square symbol ' Ma 11 ' SW of Tatlock and N of Murrays Hill.

Location Method: Conversion from MDI

Access Description: From Hwy 7 at Perth take the road to Lanark. At Lanark and the junction to Carleton Place (8.7 ml) continue straight. At the 30.9 ml junction turn right onto a gravel road to Tatlock. The quarry is at 31.85 ml on the left.

Exploration History

Originally opened by Angelstone Ltd (1962/3-1971/2), producing ' Temple White ' dimension stone from 2 quarries on lots 4 and 5. W. R. Barnes reopened the quarry on lot 4 in 1977 and produced decorative stone chips and calcium carbonate filler. They also built a processing plant in Perth. In 1981 the plant and quarry were purchased by Steep Rock Resources Inc. (a subsidiary of Pluess-Staufer A.G.) The quarry has been operated on a seasonal basis , producing 250,000 tonnes per year for year round operations of the mill (1992). Increased levels of production were expected in 1993 as stripping to the N and S of the present quarry was carrried out at that time. Plant capacity was increased above its previous 250, 000 tonnes limit. The Perth mill produced (1992) : high-grade calcium carbonate filler for the paper industry, decorative aggregate, terrazo chips, poultry grit, agricultural limestone, stucco mix and fine-grained filler for floor tile, wall joint compounds, paints and plastics. Diamond drilling was done by Steep Rock Resources Inc. at Lot 5, Con. 4, see assessment file #19, Darling Twp.


Province: Grenville

Geological Age: Mesoproterozoic  

Geology Comments

Dec 07, 2005 (C Papertzian) - The quarry lies in the W part of a 17.7 km wide marble belt with minor paragneiss and metavolcanics. The quarried rock is white, coarse-grained (2.8 mm) calcitic marble; one of the purest and brightest (>95 %) of its kind. The units being quarried occur in an 85 m wide zone which contains reserves for over 50 years (1992).

Mineral Record Details


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Publisher Name:

Location: Tweed RGP

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