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Mineral Deposit Identification
Deposit Name(s) Lake Property - 1948, Lake Quarry - 1977
Related Deposit Type None
Deposit Status prospect
Date Created 1985-Dec-05
Date Last Modified 2012-Feb-22
Created By Q Unknown
Revised By A Wilson


Primary Commodities: feldspar (nonmetals)

Secondary Commodities: rare earth elements


Township or Area: Dickens

Latitude: 45° 31' 57.31"    Longitude: -77° 51' 56.7"

UTM Zone: 18    Easting: 276239   Northing: 5046112    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Southeastern Ontario

NTS Grid: 31F12SW

Point Location Description: quarry

Location Method: amis site visit

Access Description: From highway 60 take Spectacle Lake Road south for 600m. Feldspar muck is visible on embankment on right.

Exploration and Mining History

1948 : Opeongo Mining Co. - development, mining


Province: Grenville

Subprovince: Central Gneiss Belt

Geology Comments

08/21/2000 (C Papertzian) - A pegmatite dyke made up mostly of pink microcline with grey-white plagioclase and quartz.

Mineral Deposit Lithology

Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
pegmatite 1 contains
gneiss 2 contains


Deposit Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Habit Description
1 microcline economic ore
2 monazite economic ore

Mineralization Comments

02/21/2012 (A Wilson) - Radioactivity averaged (in 42 samples) 0.084 % U3O8, is reported over a width of 30 ft and a length of 100 ft.

Mineral Deposit Details

Deposit Classification
Rank Classification            
1 pegmatite

Mineral Zones - Size and Shape

Zone Name: Lake Property - Rank 1
Shape Length Thickness Depth Strike Dip Plunge Trend Age Reference
tabular 30 9

Production Data
Year Tonnes Commodities Commodity Production Reference Comment
1948 379 Arv58-02 P. 3 418 tons


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