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Mineral Deposit Identification
Deposit Name(s) Temagami Copper Mine - 1954, Copperfields Mining Corp. - 1964, Abex Mines Central Group - 1954
Related Deposit Type compound
Deposit Status past producing mine with reserves
Abandoned Mine Inventory Reference 03768
Date Created 1980-Apr-30
Date Last Modified 2019-Mar-21
Created By Q Unknown
Revised By S Hinz


Primary Commodities: copper, gold, silver, nickel

Secondary Commodities: cobalt, platinum, palladium


Township or Area: Phyllis

Latitude: 46° 57' 44.39"    Longitude: 80° 2' 13.76"

UTM Zone: 17    Easting: 573252   Northing: 5201428    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Kirkland Lake

NTS Grid: 41I16NE

Point Location Description: Shaft

Location Method: field visit with gps

Access Description: West by boat from the town of Temagami, to Temagami Island.

Exploration and Mining History

1951-54: Desrosier Nickel and Copper Mines Ltd. completed ground geophysics, and 8 diamond drill holes 1952-53: Frontenac Exploration and Development Co. completed ground geophysics, 49 diamond drill holes totaling 26,000 ft. 1954-1957: Abex Mines Limited completed ground geophysics, 8 diamond drill holes 1954-64: Temagami Mining Co. Ltd. began mining, both open pit and underground. 1961-62: Empire Explorations carried out ground geophysics, geochemistry, 52 diamond drill holes totaling 17,347 ft. 1964-68: Copperfields Mining Corp. Ltd. had the mine in production

Assessment Work on File

Assessment Work on File
Office File Number   Online Assessment File Identifier   Online Assessment File Directory  
CO-1741     41I16NE0045     Open
CO-1741     donated    
CO-1750     41I16NE0041     Open
CO-1750     41I16NE0051     Open
CO-1750     41I16NE0052     Open
CO-1750     41I16NE0054     Open
CO-1765 / 63.703     41I16NE0028     Open
CO-1765 / 63.684     41I16NE0031     Open
CO-1765 / 63.651     41I16NE0027     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0037     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0038     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0039     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0042     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0049     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0055     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0056     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0060     Open
CO-1765     41I16NE0061     Open
CO-1745     donated    
CO-1748 / 63.2999     41I16NE0044     Open
CO-1766     donated    
CO-1765     donated    
CO-1763     donated    
CO-1741 / 63.456     41I16NE0030     Open
CO-1750     donated    
CO-1746     donated    
CO-1750     41I16NE0041     Open


Province: Superior

Subprovince: Western Abitibi

Belt: Temagami

Mineral Deposit Lithology

Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
mafic intrusive 1 metadiorite host
mafic metavolcanics 2 gabbroic hanging wall
felsic metavolcanics 3 rhyolite footwall

Lithology Comments

12/10/2012 (A Wilson) - The metadiorite sill has a width of approximately 800 feet. North of the main sill, there is a complex of mafic metavolcanic flows and sill-like basic intrusion of gabbroic. Along the south contact, metadiorite is intensely chloritized and base metal mineralization occurs intermittently along it for approximately 8.05 km. The felsic metavolcanics south of the metadiorite consist of rhyolte breccia and tuff lenses. Four types of dikes are recognized in the mine area. They include lamprophyre, diorite, gabbro and diabase dikes. The diabase dikes are considered to be post-ore development.


Deposit Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Habit Description
2 pyrrhotite economic ore
3 chalcopyrite economic ore
3 millerite economic ore
1 pyrite economic gangue
4 gersdorffite economic gangue
4 sperrylite economic gangue
5 galena economic gangue
6 sphalerite economic gangue
7 magnetite economic gangue
8 linnaeite economic gangue

Mineralization Comments

12/10/2012 (A Wilson) - Two types of ore are found to the south of the sill. The ore occurs as lenses of massive, high-grade chalcopyrite and in steeply dipping, fissure-filling quartz-carbonate, and chalcopyrite veins. Diamond drilling to the north of Island 725 by Abex Mines Ltd. returned 0.108% Cu, 0.24% Ni, 0.08% Co over 25ft in DDH 5; 1.01% Cu, 0.25% Ni over 36.2 ft in DDH 9 and 1.85% cu, 0.05% Ni and 0.025% Co over 6.25 ft in DDH 8. Assays from diamond drilling completed by Frontenac Exploration returned: 2.55% Cu, 0.49% Ni and 0.055% Co over 10 ft and 1.42% Cu, 0.36% Ni and 0.044% Co over 25 ft in DDH 77; 1.10% cu, 0.47% Ni and 0.061% Cu over 17 ft. and 1.00% Cu, 0.30% Ni and 0.060% Co over 29.5 ft in DDH 84. Three lenticular zones were identified during the drilling conducted in 1951-53. These zones occur on Timagami Island along the strike-faulted southern contact of the diorite sill. Zones 1 and 3 are separated by 600 feet.


Sample Reference 1
Year Sample Type Source Sample Number Field ID Coordinates
2009 muck 09601 GG09601 Z E N -

Rock Description: GABBRO

Sample Description: Chalcopyrite (20%) in gabbro from mine dump

Assay Result: 110112 ppm Cu 45359 ppm Ni 6041 ppb Au 61888 ppb Pd

Geologist: G Grabowski

Mineral Deposit Details

Deposit Classification
Rank Classification            
1 mafic-ultramafic intrusion
Deposit Characteristics
Rank Characteristic            
1 vein
Production Data
Year Tonnes Commodities Commodity Production Reference Comment
1968 725748 Copper 43544868
Gold 315855 Grams
Silver 5812026 Grams
Colvine 1974, P.13 total production 1952-1968 (greater than 800000 tons AT 6%; 1952-1968 total production 10,155 oz Au, 186,861 oz Ag, 67,084,858 lb Cu from 496,561 tons milled (504529 tonnes milled)
1972 171512 Copper 7554220 Kilograms Co-1763 total production 1969-1972 189,060 tons milled yielding16,654,205 lb Cu
Ore Reserves Data
Zone Year Category Tonnes Reference Comments Commodities
Temagami Mine, Low Grade 1968 unclassified 2540117 MDC012 p. 201 Cobalt 0.1 Percent
Copper 1.0 Percent
Nickel 0.6 Percent
Temagami Mine, High Grade 1968 unclassified 85202 MDC012 p. 201 Copper 5.1 Percent


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