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Mineral Record Identification
Record Name(s) White Lily - 1982
Related Record Type Simple
Record Status Occurrence
Date Created 1982-Aug-30
Date Last Modified 2021-Dec-14
Created By Q Unknown
Revised By A Drost


Primary Commodities: Gold

Secondary Commodities: Silver


Township or Area: Trottier

Latitude: 48° 48' 1.49"    Longitude: -91° 12' 4.12"

UTM Zone: 15    Easting: 632094.9   Northing: 5406829.552    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Thunder Bay South

NTS Grid: 52B14SE

Point Location Description: Old Shaft and underground workings

Location Method: Data Compilation

Access Description: Access is via an all weather road heading west from Kawene. Travelling 6km by this road from Kawene one then travels northeast on an old railway siding and then, following a trail, 2 portages are made ending at the west end of Crooked Pine Lake. Upham Lake is within 100m north of Crooked Pine Lake. A trail leads north and west from cabin remnants on Upham Lake to another small lake on the shores of which the mill site of the White Lily Mine had existed.

Exploration History

1907: The White Lily property was identified for James Murphy, P. J> Manion, John Manion and Harry Murphy, all of the city of Fort William. 1907: The White Lily Mining and Milling Company Limited was incorporated. A shaft was sunk to a depth of 24.4m and a 2 stamp mill was erected. There was an open cut started from the north end of the shaft along the vein about 4.5m long and cut to a depth of 2.4m. 1933: 65 Tons of tailing milled from the mine dump resulting in 2 oz of gold and 4 oz of silver with a total value of $53.00. 1934: Report by F. M. Smith, recommended no further work.


Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Alteration Style

Mineral Record Details


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Publisher Name: Ontario Geological Survey

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