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Mineral Record Identification
Record Name(s) North Kashaweogama Lake - 1967, Miniss River - South - 1982, Savant Lake Iron - 1966
Related Record Type Partial
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Record Status Developed Prospect With Reported Reserves or Resources
Date Created 1982-Nov-18
Date Last Modified 2022-Oct-13
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Primary Commodities: Iron


Township or Area: Armit Lake Area, Hill Lake Area, Solitude Lake Area

Latitude: 50° 29' 43.17"    Longitude: -90° 45' 29.36"

UTM Zone: 15    Easting: 659002.03   Northing: 5596106.37    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Kenora

NTS Grid: 52J07NE, 52J07NW, 52J10SE, 52J10SW

Point Location Description: Precise

Location Method: Conversion from MDI

Access Description: Property is 12 km west of Highway 599 (Pickle Lake highway). Access is by float plane to nearby lake.

Exploration History

1958: Northern Canada Mines Ltd. drilled 5100 feet. 1961: Northern Canada Mines conducted magnetometer and geological surveys. 1966-67: The Hanna Mining Co. Ltd. drilled 7 DDH.

Assessment Work on File

Assessment Work on File
Office File Number Online Assessment File Identifier Online Assessment File Directory
63.1151 / 52J10SE-0016 52J10SE8874 52J10SE8874
2.2219 52J10SE8869 52J10SE8869
11 / 52J07NW-0010C1 52J07NW8930 52J07NW8930


Province: Superior

Subprovince: Wabigoon

Belt: Savant Lake

Geological Age: Archean  


Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
Ironstone-unsubdivided 1 Host
Mafic lava flow-unsubdivided 2 Adjacent

Lithology Comments

Jun 29, 2015 (Therese Pettigrew) - Two discontinuous bands of magnetite-quartz iron formation, 50-400 feet wide and 500-800 feet apart, with a strike length of over 3 miles, within Archean metavolcanics (Shklanka, 1968).


Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Alteration Style

Mineralization Comments

Jun 29, 2015 (C Ravnaas) - Visual estimates of up to 70% magnetite.

Jun 29, 2015 (Therese Pettigrew) - 4 zones grading 28% Fe which can be concentrated to 65% Fe with 93% recovery on grinding to -325M (Shklanka, 1968)

Mineral Record Details

1 Sedimentary
Rank Characteristic            
1 Stratiform
Reserves or Resources Data
Zone Year Category Tonnes Reference Comments Commodities
North Kashaweogama 1968 Unclassified 405000 MDC011, Shklanka, 1968 - p.443 Possible Resource: 405 000 tons at 28% Fe in 4 zones and a possible 50 Mt at unstated grade Iron 28 %


Map - Miniss Lake sheet, districts of Kenora and Thunder Bay, geological compilation series

Publication Number: P0354 Scale: 1:126,720    Date: 1997

Author: Davies J.C., Pryslak A.P.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


Mono - Iron deposits of Ontario

Publication Number: MDC011 Page: 443-444  Date: 1968

Author: Shklanka R.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


Map - Highstone Lake-Miniss Lake area, east sheet, Kenora and Thunder Bay districts

Publication Number: M2064 Scale: 1:63,360    Date: 1997

Author: Hudec P.P.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


Map - Geological series, Operation Miniss-Tully lakes, Hooker-Fitchie lakes sheet, districts of Kenora and Thunder Bay

Publication Number: P2218 Scale: 1:63,360    Date: 1979

Author: Breaks F.W., Bond W.D., Stone D., Desnoyers D.W.

Publisher Name: Ontario Geological Survey


Map - Geological series, Precambrian geology, Savant Lake area, districts of Thunder Bay and Kenora

Publication Number: P3099 Scale: 1:50,000    Date: 1988

Author: Trowell N.F.

Publisher Name: Ontario Geological Survey


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