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Mineral Record Identification
Record Name(s) Miniss River - North - 1995
Related Record Type Simple
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Record Status Occurrence
Date Created 1995-May-24
Date Last Modified 2022-Jun-28
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Primary Commodities: Iron

Secondary Commodities: Gold


Township or Area: Solitude Lake Area

Latitude: 50° 30' 17.87"    Longitude: -90° 44' 12.29"

UTM Zone: 15    Easting: 660487.627   Northing: 5597223.996    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Kenora

NTS Grid: 52J07NE, 52J07NW, 52J10SE, 52J10SW

Point Location Description: Transfer

Location Method: Data Compilation

Assessment Work on File

Assessment Work on File
Office File Number Online Assessment File Identifier Online Assessment File Directory
63.1151 / 52J10SE R-0016 52J10SE8874 52J10SE8874
52J10SE AA-0021 52J10SE0001 52J10SE0001
52J10SE0011C1 52J10SE0005 52J10SE0005
52J07NW G-0010C1 52J07NW8930 52J07NW8930
52J10SE Q-0015 52J10SE0017 52J10SE0017


Province: Superior

Subprovince: Wabigoon

Belt: Savant Lake

Geological Age: Archean  


Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Alteration Style

Mineralization Comments

Jun 28, 2022 (Q Unknown) - 1967/68 ddh, surface work (AF-0011-C1,15): up to eight bands detected in some locations most <20' thick, max width 400', 1979 OGS map marginal notes: deposit outlined 405,000 tons /vert ft, in four zones grading 28% Fe. 1986 grab samples (af-0021): weakly anom. Au, up to 400 ppb Au in IF (#A93052).

Mineral Record Details


Map - Geological series, Operation Miniss-Tully lakes, Hooker-Fitchie lakes sheet, districts of Kenora and Thunder Bay

Publication Number: P2218 Scale: 1:63,360    Date: 1979

Author: Breaks F.W., Bond W.D., Stone D., Desnoyers D.W.

Publisher Name: Ontario Geological Survey


Mono - Iron deposits of Ontario

Publication Number: MDC011 Page: 443-444  Date: 1968

Author: Shklanka R.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


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