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Mineral Record Identification
Record Name(s) Lang Lake - Belore - 1979, McVicar Lake C, 8 - 1979, Lang Lake - East - 1979
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Record Status Occurrence
Date Created 1979-Sep-24
Date Last Modified 2022-Jun-07
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Primary Commodities: Copper, Gold


Township or Area: McVicar Lake Area

Latitude: 51° 35' 49.08"    Longitude: -91° 29' 53.46"

UTM Zone: 15    Easting: 604021.208   Northing: 5717281.852    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Thunder Bay North

NTS Grid: 52O11SW

Point Location Description: Precise

Location Method: Conversion from MDI

Exploration History

1950: Chellow Gold Mines Ltd. Conducted geological mapping, trenching and diamond drilling in the Lower McVicar Lake area. 1959-1961: Kenlew Mines Ltd conducted geological mapping, stripping, trenching and diamond drilling in the lower McVicar Lake area and the area to the east of McVicar Lake. 1968-1969 New Jersey Zinc Exploration Company (Canada) Limited conducted geological mapping, geophysics, trenching and limited diamond drilling for VMS mineralization in the area north of north of McVicar Lake. 1971 Hoey Syndicate conducted geological mapping, trenching and geophysics for Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization in the lower half of the McVicar Lake area. 1977-1981, 1987, 1991 Cominco Ltd conducted extensive airborne geophysical surveys as well as diamond drilling over the McVicar Lake and Andy lake areas, well as limited diamond drilling in McVicar and Cannon Lake areas for gold and base metals. 1985-1994 Utah Mines, later BHP-Utah Mines, and then simply BHP conducted extensive grid mapping, geophysics and diamond drilling on the area surrounding McVicar Lake resulting in the discovery of the Altered Zone and Lower McVicar Lake structural zones and several associated gold showings. Utah Mines also conducted extensive work in the western Lang Lake area. 2001-2003 Prospector Consolidated Inc and Continuum Resources Ltd, conducted extensive trenching and limited diamond drilling for gold on the old BHP-Utah Mines property in the McVicar Lake area.

Assessment Work on File

Assessment Work on File
Office File Number Online Assessment File Identifier Online Assessment File Directory
OM92-008 52O11SW0006 52O11SW0006
52O11SW0010D1 52O11SW0040 52O11SW0040
2.15280 52O11SW9400 52O11SW9400
52O11SW0010C1 52O11SW0066 52O11SW0066


Province: Superior

Subprovince: Uchi

Terrane: North Caribou

Domain: Uchi

Belt: Lang Lake

Geological Age: Neoarchean  

Geology Comments

Mar 29, 2007 (Mark Puumala) - The area geology is described in MDI52O11SW00007.


Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
Mafic lava flow-unsubdivided 1 Sheared, Fissile Contains
Sandstone 2 Greywacke Adjacent


Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Alteration Style

Mineralization Comments

Mar 29, 2007 (Mark Puumala) - Janes, Seim and Storey (1991) indicate that this occurrence is located within a 3 to 5 m wide mineralized shear zone in mafic metavolcanics. The shear zone occurs at the contact between mafic metavolcanics and greywacke (Bonner 1992). The mineralized shear zone is reported by Janes, Seim and Storey (1991) to have an orientation of 090/86. The metasediment/metavolcanic contact zone is reported by Bonner (1992) to be silicified, while the central portion is fissile chloritic schist that contains narrow lenses of grey to white quartz (Janes, Seim and Storey 1991). Mineralization is reported by Janes, Seim and Storey (1991) to consist of pyrite stringers parallel to foliation planes, with an average concentration of approximately 3%. Sampling of this occurrence by Belore Mines is reported to have returned assays of up to 0.45% Cu, while a 1990 OGS sample is reported to have returned an assay of 14,126 ppb Au (Janes, Seim and Storey 1991). Subsequent surface sampling and diamond drilling by BHP Minerals did not produce any significant assay results (Waldie 1993).

Mineral Record Details

1 Unknown
Rank Characteristic            
1 Sheared


Compend - Annual report of Resident Geologists Section, Geological Branch, 1970

Publication Number: MP046 Page: 78  Date: 1971

Author: Guillet G.R.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines and Northern Affairs


Compend - Annual report of Resident Geologists Section, Geological Branch, 1971

Publication Number: MP050 Page: 87  Date: 1972

Author: Gibson S.J.

Publisher Name: Ontario Division of Mines


Article - Sioux Lookout Resident Geologist's District - 1990

Publication Number: MP152.004 Page: 67-105  Date: 1997

Author: Janes D.A., Seim G.Wm., Storey C.C.

Publisher Name: Ontario Geological Survey


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