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Land Notices

Northern Lake Superior Region

Notice of Caution

December 16, 2020

This cell is located in an area in which one or more First Nations have asserted Aboriginal rights and title (view the map) (PDF), including an unextinguished Aboriginal right to exclusive use and occupancy of the land. The First Nations’ claims are subject to ongoing litigation.

Future exploration, development and related activities in this area may be subject to heightened Crown consultation and accommodation obligations.

Before you register a mining claim on this cell or expend funds in connection with potential mineral exploration activities, you are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice regarding any possible effect this litigation may have on your potential rights under the Mining Act and your commercial interests.

Where you register a mining claim and subsequently submit an exploration plan, the Director of Exploration may, at her or his discretion, require you to obtain an exploration permit and/or, where you apply for an exploration permit, may put a temporary hold on the permit application process and/or decide to not issue an exploration permit. Any financial consequences will not be borne by the Province.

For more information about the Aboriginal Title claim, please contact Indigenous Affairs Ontario at

For questions about your registered mining claims or other Mining Act related topics contact the Ministry of Mines at or call toll free to 1-888-415-9845.