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Errata - Aggregate Resources Inventory Papers

ARIP 150

In Aggregate Resources Inventory Paper 150, Aggregate Resources Inventory of Northwest of Fort Frances (released May 10, 1990), the following errors have been detected. The overlays for figures 14 and 15 were reversed. Resource Areas 32 and 33 that appear on Figure 15 should be in the same location on Figure 14. Also, Resource Areas 34 to 39 on Figure 14 should be in the same location on Figure 15. (notice issued: June 14, 1990)

ARIP 159

In Aggregate Resources Inventory Paper 159, Aggregate Resources Inventory of the County of Oxford and the County of Brant, Southern Ontario (released April 15, 2014), errors were noted regarding the naming of certain feature classes within the geodatabase, “ARIP159.mdb”, provided with the vector files. A feature class intended for display purposes only (i.e., “Sand_Gravel_Client”) was incorrectly named as the feature class intended to be used (i.e., “Sand_Gravel”). Several feature classes were incorrectly named and have been renamed (see table). Also, in the attribute table for the “Gradation” layer, the content of the field “TABLE_REF” stated incorrectly “Refer to Table 2”, but should state “Refer to Table 10”. Please refer to the “ARIP159_readme” file for further information on the intended use of these files.

previous namecorrected name

These errors have been corrected. You may download the corrected version of the vector files for Aggregate Resources Inventory Paper 159 from our GeologyOntario Web site. (notice issued: May 31, 2016)

ARIP 172

In Aggregate Resources Inventory Paper 172, Aggregate Resources Inventory of Prince Edward County (released January 11, 1999), on Map 172-1 Sand and Gravel Resources, pit #18 was mistakenly identified as being licensed; it should, in fact, be an unlicensed pit. The map has been corrected, and tables and text in the associated ARIP have been adjusted to reflect this change. (notice issued: February 15, 1999)