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Home » Geology » Errata and Amendments » Digital Data Sets

Home » Geology » Errata and Amendments » Digital Data Sets

Errata - Digital Data Sets

Data Sets 14 - 17

The following data sets, released on March 10, 1997, will no longer be available as compressed files on 3.5-inch high-density diskettes. All four data sets will now be available on 1 CD-ROM for the price of $100.00. The data sets can no longer be ordered individually.

ERLIS Insert

The ERLIS insert in the September 9, 1996, Publications Release Notice, listing the 10 airborne magnetic and electromagnetic surveys available on CD-ROM, should have indicated that these projects were funded by the Northern Ontario Development Agreement (NODA).

Data Sets 2 - 5

The file sizes for Digital Data Sets 2, 3, 4, and 5 (Bedrock Geology of Ontario) originally listed in the Mines and Minerals Division Digital Data Catalogue are incorrect. Correct file sizes are as follows: