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Errata and Amendments - Groundwater Resources Study

Groundwater Resources Study 3, 10, 11 and 15

Over the years, the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS has included third-party applications in some of its data products. Because of the difficulty in maintaining these publications with every new update of these applications, the CGO has decided to remove such applications from its publications. Several digital data publications, released during the period between 2006 and 2016, contain files related to a viewer that requires the use of the Microsoft® Virtual Earth® application programming interface (API). The CGO has removed the viewer from these publications and updated other affected files. The following publications, with listed changes, have been updated.

The movie (.avi) files have been modified to remove the demonstration of the cross-section viewer; the “Section Viewer” folders and data files removed; and the readme, report and metadata (.pdf) documents modified to remove references to the cross-section viewer.

The updated versions of these data publications are available. If you purchased a CD or DVD of any of these data publications and wish to receive a replacement copy, please contact Publication Sales, and the updated version will be shipped to you free of charge. Alternatively, the updated versions of Groundwater Resources Study 3, Groundwater Resources Study 10, Groundwater Resources Study 11 and Groundwater Resources Study 15 are available for free downloading on GeologyOntario.

Notification Date of Amendments: August 24, 2021.

Groundwater Resources Study 4

In Groundwater Resources Study 4, Long Point Region Groundwater Resources Study, the captions for figures 20 and 21 are incorrect. They should read as follows:

Notification Date of Errata: February 4, 2008.