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Home » Geology » Errata and Amendments » Final Maps (2000 Series)

Home » Geology » Errata and Amendments » Final Maps

Errata - Final Maps (2000 Series)

Map 2644

Map 2644 (September 9, 1996), entitled Quaternary Geology, Scugog Area, was released with an incorrect description for Unit 12 in the legend. The description should read:
"Ice-Contact Stratified Deposits: unsubdivided sand and gravel; including minor silt, clay and flowtills; deposited in moraines, eskers, kames, subaqueous fans
12a Sand and gravel
12b Mainly sand"

Map 2628

Map 2628, entitled Precambrian Geology, Larder Lake Area, a 1:50 000 scale map, was inadvertantly published with a 1:25 000 scale bar. (June 8, 1995.)

Map 2622 & Map 2624

Map 2622, entitled Precambrian Geology, Burchell-Greenwater Lakes Area, West Half, and Map 2624, entitled Precambrian Geology, Moss Township, have been corrected to reflect the proper grid designations and latitude and longitude values. Anyone who wishes to obtain corrected versions of these maps can obtain them free with the return of the incorrect versions to Publication Sales. (March 10, 1997.)

Map 2550

On Map 2550, titled Precambrian Geology, Wicklow Area, released April 18, 2001, the NTS reference should read 31 F/5SW, not 52 B/9E.