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Home » Geology » Errata and Amendments » Geophysical Maps (60 000 Series)

Home » Geology » Errata and Amendments » Geophysical Maps

Errata - Geophysical Maps (60 000 Series)

Maps 60 417 and 60 419

Geophysical Map 60 417, Airborne Magnetic Survey, Colour-Filled Contours of the Gradient-Enhanced Residual Magnetic Field, Latchford Area—Purchased Data, and Geophysical Map 60 419, Airborne Magnetic Survey, Shaded Colour Image of the Second Vertical Derivative of the Gradient-Enhanced Residual Magnetic Field and Keating Coefficients, Latchford Area—Purchased Data, (each map released on December 3, 2013), were published with an incorrect latitudinal measurement plotted at 1 corner of the map sheet: the northeastern extent is 47°12′48″N, 79°29′23″W (not 47°11′48″N, 79°29′23″W); all other measurements are correct.

These errors have been corrected and replacement maps are available. If you purchased a copy of either map and wish to receive a replacement copy, please contact Publication Sales and a replacement map will be sent to you free of charge. Alternatively, and for clients who downloaded the map from GeologyOntario, the corrected versions are available for downloading at Geophysical Map 60 417 and Geophysical Map 60 419.

We regret any inconvenience this error may have caused.