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Contents/Contenu :

Name / NomSize / TailleModified / ModifiéType
Files_available_for_download.txt0 KB11/21/2018Text Document
GDS1082A.zip45,556 KB11/21/2018Compressed (zipped) Folder
GDS1082a_metadata.pdf238 KB11/22/2016Microsoft Edge PDF Document
GDS1082a_readme.pdf275 KB11/9/2016Microsoft Edge PDF Document
GDS1082_report.pdf19,762 KB6/1/2016Microsoft Edge PDF Document

GeoTIFF Contents/Contenu :

Name / NomSize / TailleModified / ModifiéType
SRG2VDMAGGSC83.TIF.zip210,492 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRGMAGGSC83.TIF.zip46,196 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRK83.TIF.zip69,909 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRTC83.TIF.zip67,284 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRTERN83.TIF.zip179,833 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRTH83.TIF.zip70,802 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRU83.zip84,627 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder

grids_ASCII Contents/Contenu :

Name / NomSize / TailleModified / ModifiéType
SRDEM83.GXF.zip32,364 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRG1VDMAGGSC83.GXF.zip39,902 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRG2VDMAGGSC83.GXF.zip41,296 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRGMAGGSC83.GXF.zip37,816 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRK83.GXF.zip37,874 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRKTHRATIO83.GXF.zip35,432 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRLAG83.GXF.zip40,330 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRLOG83.GXF.zip40,094 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRMAG83.GXF.zip38,292 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRRTF83.GXF.zip13,805 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRTC83.GXF.zip36,009 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRTH83.GXF.zip36,549 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRU83.GXF.zip35,413 KB3/3/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder

profiles_ASCII Contents/Contenu :

Name / NomSize / TailleModified / ModifiéType
SRMAG.XYZ.zip1,497,666 KB5/18/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRSPEC.XYZ.zip90,898 KB5/18/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder
SRSPEC256.XYZ.zip970,162 KB5/18/2016Compressed (zipped) Folder