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Mineral Record Identification
Record Name(s) Laroma Prospect - 1979, Laroma Midlothian Mines Property - 1944, Laroma Gold Showing - 1944
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Record Status Prospect
Date Created 1981-Apr-08
Date Last Modified 2023-Aug-25
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Primary Commodities: Gold

Secondary Commodities: Copper, Zinc, Lead


Township or Area: Midlothian

Latitude: 47° 53' 42.62"    Longitude: -80° 59' 58.7"

UTM Zone: 17    Easting: 500026.998   Northing: 5304649.001    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Kirkland Lake

NTS Grid: 41P14NE

Point Location Description: Diamond drill hole and pit

Location Method: Conversion from MDI

Exploration History

1944: F. Roche - gold discovery, pitting. 1944-64: Laroma Midlothian Mines Limited - DD-17-2199 m, stripping, trenching, mapping, airborne geophysical survey. 1996-2000: Orezone Resources Inc. - prospecting, sampling, mapping, trenching, stripping, ground geophysics, DD-4. 2004: Mustang Minerals Corp. - airborne geophysics. 2007-2009: Explor Resources Inc. - airborne geophysics, ground geophysics

Assessment Work on File

Assessment Work on File
Office File Number Online Assessment File Identifier Online Assessment File Directory
KL-4503 2.18878 41P15NW2007 41P15NW2007
KL-4058, 2.17200 41P15NW0010 41P15NW0010
KL-4351 2.18299 41P15NW2002 41P15NW2002
KL-4655 41P15NW2010 41P15NW2010
KL-4855 41P15NW2013 41P15NW2013
KL-6259 20000004328 20000004328
KL-5469 20000000463 20000000463


Province: Superior

Subprovince: Abitibi

Terrane: Wawa-Abitibi

Belt: Abitibi

Geological Age: Archean  


Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
Terrigenous-Clastic-Unsubdivided 1 Host
Felsic lava flow-unsubdivided 2 Rhyolite Footwall
Peridotite 3 Peridotite Intrudes

Lithology Comments

Sep 29, 2011 (A Wilson) - Narrow quartz veins and stringers are scattered throughout the green carbonate altered area and sometimes contain gold. The northwestern extension of the green carbonate zone passes along strike into a zone of graphitic tuff and slate containing disseminated pyrite and nodular marcasite.


Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Alteration Style

Mineralization Comments

Sep 29, 2011 (A Wilson) - A chip sample collected from a pit in claim MR13320 assayed 1.34 oz/t Au. Visible gold was reported form a ¼ inch wide quartz vein in a network of narrow quartz veins in claim MR13317. A 60 pound bulk sample assayed 0.76 oz/t gold. An area of strong carbonate alteration occurs along a drag fold in the central part of the property. The carbonatitzed zone extends for approximately 4000 ft and has a width of 400 feet.

Mineral Record Details

Rank Characteristic            
1 Vein


File - Resident Geologist file KL-2702

Publication Number: Date:


Publisher Name:

Location: Kirkland Lake RGP office

Part - Geology of Midlothian Township

Publication Number: ARV56-05 Page: 18  Date: 1997

Author: Marshall H.I.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


Mono - Copper, nickel, lead and zinc deposits of Ontario

Publication Number: MDC012 Page: 380  Date: 1969

Author: Shklanka R.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


MonoMap - Geology of Halliday and Midlothian townships, districts of Sudbury and Timiskaming

Publication Number: R079 Page: 22  Date: 1970

Author: Bright E.G.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


Mono - Gold deposits of Ontario, part 2, part of District of Cochrane, districts of Muskoka, Nipissing, Parry Sound, Sudbury, Timiskaming, and counties of southern Ontario

Publication Number: MDC018 Page: 158  Date: 1979

Author: Gordon J.B., Lovell H.L., de Grijs J.W., Davie R.F.

Publisher Name: Ontario Geological Survey


Map - Midlothian Township, District of Timiskaming

Publication Number: P0386 Scale: 1:15,840    Date: 1997

Author: Bright E.G.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


Mono - Preliminary report on the Timmins-Kirkland Lake area, gold deposits file

Publication Number: OFR5467 Page: G0706  Date: 1983

Author: Hodgson C.J.

Publisher Name: Ontario Geological Survey


Map - Halliday and Midlothian townships, Sudbury and Timiskaming districts

Publication Number: M2187 Scale: 1:31,680    Date: 1970

Author: Bright E.G.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


Map - Township of Midlothian, District of Timiskaming, Ontario

Publication Number: M1947-04 Scale: 1:12,000    Date: 1997

Author: Marshall H.I.

Publisher Name: Ontario Dept. of Mines


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