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Mineral Record Identification
Record Name(s) Argosy - 1979, Casey Summit - 1979, New Jason - 1979, Jason - 1979
Related Record Type Simple
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Record Status Past Producing Mine Without Reserves or Resources
Date Created 1979-Aug-14
Date Last Modified 2023-Jan-06
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Primary Commodities: Gold

Secondary Commodities: Silver


Township or Area: Casummit Lake Area

Latitude: 51° 28' 56.12"    Longitude: -92° 21' 13.6"

UTM Zone: 15    Easting: 544873.24   Northing: 5703653.75    UTM Datum: NAD83

Resident Geologist District: Red Lake

NTS Grid: 52N08NW

Point Location Description: Precise

Location Method: Data Compilation

Access Description: approx. 166 km ENE of Red Lake

Exploration History

Gold mineralization was found in 1929 and was explored by Casey Mountain Operating syndicate between 1929-1931. Approx 610 m of diamond drilling was completed and the No.2 shaft on the No. 2 vein was sunk to 25.9 m. Casey Summit Mines was incorporated in 1931 and in 1933 and 1933 No.2 shaft was deepened to 97.5 m, 551.7m of lateral development was completed, and a 50 ton per day mill was installed. Production was limited to this point and in 1935, Argosy Gold mines Ltd was formed to continue development on the property. The workings were dewatered and 125 ton/day mill was erected. Production continued from 1936-38. Argosy Gold Mines went bankrupt in 1938. Jason Mines Ltd acquired the mine and 22 surrounding claims in November 1938. The No. 1 shaft was sunk approx 457 m E of the No. 2 shaft. No production was recorded at this time. Shut down in October 1942. Jason Mines Ltd resumed operations in 1946-47. In 1948 Jason Mines Ltd, changed to New Jason Mines Ltd and resumed production in 1949. The known ore reserves were depleted in 1952 and the mine was closed in April 1952. Property was dormant until 1974 when Casummit Lake Mines Ltd optioned the property. 5 DDH totalling 490 m on the No. 5 vein system. 1975 Grand Bay explorations conducted DDH program in 1978, DDH3 assayed 300 g/t over 0.3 m at depth 61.3 m. Noranda Exploration Company Ltd 12 DDH totalling 1188 m in 1986. Goldfields Canadian Mining Ltd carried out DDH in 1988 and 1989. Wolfden Resources Inc, acquired the property in 1999 carried out an environmental assessment. Cangold Ltd drilled a 9 DDH program totalling 1513 m in 2001-02. 2003-04 Cangold Ltd. completed a 14 DDH exploration program.

Assessment Work on File

Assessment Work on File
Office File Number Online Assessment File Identifier Online Assessment File Directory
2.28198 52N08NW2018 52N08NW2018
2.20036 52N08NW2008 52N08NW2008
2.23071 52N08NW2012 52N08NW2012
2.4100 52N09SW0007 52N09SW0007
52N08NW0038 20000005595 20000005595
2.20010 52N08NW2007 52N08NW2007
2.24877 52N08NW2015 52N08NW2015
63.3394 52N08NW0002 52N08NW0002


Province: Superior

Subprovince: Uchi

Terrane: North Caribou

Domain: Uchi

Belt: Birch-Uchi

Geological Age: Archean  

Geology Comments

Jul 15, 2014 (Therese Pettigrew) - A synclinal structure of interbedded and generally east-trending greywacke, quartzite, slate, iron formation and pyroclastics is surrounded by Keewatin intermediate to mafic lavas. The rocks have been intruded by occasional diorite and granite dykes. Most of the veins occur in N-S fractures dipping 30-85° to the west. Quartz is associated with variable amounts of arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, sphalerite, galena and native gold. Underground workings opened up initially veins No. 2 and 3, the width of which ranged from 2 to 7’ and 1.5 to 4’ respectively. In 1938, development work was also started on vein No.1. The average grade of the ore mined was 0.37 oz/t Au (Ferguson et al., 1971).


Lithology Data
Rock Type Rank Composition Texture Relationship
Mylonite/Fault Gouge/Pseudotachylite 1 Shear Zone Contains
Vein 2 Contains
Terrigenous-Clastic-Unsubdivided 3 Greywacke Adjacent
Claystone 4 Slate Adjacent


Mineralization and Alteration
Rank Mineral Name Class Economic Mineral Type Alteration Mineral Type Alteration Ranking Alteration Intensity Alteration Style

Mineralization Comments

Jul 15, 2014 (A McKee) - PRODUCTION 1934-52: 101,875 OZ AU;9,788 OZ AG FROM 276,573 TONS ORE MILLED, AVE.RECOV.0.37 OPT AU, GRADE 1986 DDH: GB-86-3:0.15 OPT AU (109.4-110),0.44,VG(252.75-253.3) GB-86-4:0.126 /8.6'. 2003/2004 Cangold Ltd, 14 drill holes totalling 2789.2 m. P-Vein below workings form the No.1 shaft. Intersections including 14.2 g/t Au over 1.65 m.

Jul 15, 2014 (Therese Pettigrew) - Shafts on claims KRL9681 and 9684.

Mineral Record Details

Mineral Zones - Size and Shape

Rank: 2       Structure Type: Fold

Rank: 1       Structure Type: Vein

Zone Name: Detour Lake - Rank 1
Shape Length Thickness Depth Strike Dip Plunge Trend Age Reference
Unknown 1.5 18 40 90
Production Data
Year Tonnes Commodities Reference Comment
1952 207954 Silver 8268 Ounces
Gold 86152 Ounces
MDC013 p. 231 1949-52 prod: 86,152 oz Au, 8,268 oz Ag from 229,230 tons milled
1952 250903 Silver 9788 Ounces
Gold 101875 Ounces
MDC013 p. 231
1938 39235 Silver 1433 Ounces
Gold 14835 Ounces
MDC013 p. 231 1936-38 prod: 14835 oz Au, 1433 oz Ag from 43,249 tons milled
1934 3714 Silver 87 Ounces
Gold 888 Ounces
MDC013 p. 231 888 oz Au, 87 oz Ag from 4094 tons milled


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