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Historical Mining Claim Maps

Benoit Township map

Before claim maps were available online, in which current and active claims may be viewed, claims were drawn on linen, paper and, later, Mylar sheets. Despite their age, there continues to be interest in the information provided by these historical mining claim maps.

Recently, the maps were scanned and saved as image files. Maps were assigned file names based on the township or area they covered and, where possible, the year that the map was produced. Image files for the same township or area were combined into a single PDF for that location.

Historical Mining Claim Maps are now available online.

How to View Historical Mining Claim Maps

You require Adobe Reader to view the PDFs, if you do not have this application installed on your computer, you may download this free application from Adobe. Some PDFs are quite large (up to 100 MB) so you must be patient when downloading any of the larger PDFs.

Select the first letter of the name of the township or area from the list below then select the name of the township or area and the PDF will open in your browser or PDF reader.